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We are halfway through the week of this Autumn meeting in Potsdam.

Now the students have divided into groups following a subject they feel passionate about and/or a product to develop. Some of them have a good plan as to how they want to develop their projects. Some of them have a bit more open plans, but all the same, it looks promising. The feelings in the groups are positive, there is a very good connection between the students.

Yesterday we did a collaboration activity. They prepared a fantastic dinner without recipes. The students had to prepare some food just picking the ingredients they wanted from the kitchen and improvising about the amounts. The host families were also welcome to come and have dinner with us. The results were delicious!!!

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L’intercanvi està començant amb molta força, els alumnes estan molt motivats i es veu molt bona energia dins del grup. Amb grup incloc als 44 alumnes que hi participen: 17 alemanys, 9 holandesos, 6 anglesos i els 12 catalans.

Moltes impressions noves, moltes emocions!

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Avui marxem cap a Potsdam per començar la 3a de les trobades ECLECT. IMG-20181111-WA0000

Serem a Alemanya 6 dies, acollits per famílies de l’escola Montessori Oberschule Potsdam.

Molt emocionats i amb moltes ganes de desenvolupar un projecte nou amb els nous companys de projecte (holandesos, anglesos i alemanys).20181111_13244720181111_15501920181111_164859

Avui una mica de Berlín. Demà serem a Potsdam!


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